A few photos of some of the activities of Acorn Creek.

Various groups of folks standing in kitchen area holding drinks and food, talking.

The vision for Acorn Creek launched in 2019 with a number of informational meetings.

Even in the early stages, before land was purchased, and during the pandemic, we enjoyed spending time together.

Group sitting around a fire pit in lawn chairs, some with musical instruments on their laps.
People beside a pond, putting camellia flowers into the water.

On the one-year anniversary of the land purchase, we held a special celebration.

Since the Acorn Creek property was purchased, lots of gatherings with family and friends have already taken place, even before more building began.

People playing corn hole on a leaf-covered lawn in the fall.
Three women inside talkin with each other, beside a large bowl of fruit salad.

Checking in with each other prior to one of our regular meals at the common house.

Workdays are a regular occurrence.

Man driving a tractor with front loader hauling a railroad timber with two men helping to hold the load
People walking on a trail through the woods, crossing a small bridge.

Members plan multiple activities together,
including hikes like this one at Umstead State Park.

Outings to the Bearded Bee brewery in Wendell are popular!

People sitting around a table at a brewery with pizza and beer glasses on the table.
A building site showing the foundation and brick piers, wiith lots of green trees in the background.

The building of new houses has begun! This is on lot 10. The existing house on lot 9 is to the right. Progress!

Community members relocated a shed to a more appropriate spot near lot six that had originally sat where Daphne Lane now runs in front of lots three and four.

two images of the same pond with a house in the background. The first with vivid fall colors and the second in spring with vibrant new green growth on the trees.

The 19 acres of land at Acorn Creek include a beautiful pond, woods, hiking trails, several creeks and other common space. No matter the season, the grounds are lovely.

A large log cabin with cathedral windows overlooks a yard and trees with two chairs out front.

An existing large log cabin home on the property serves not only as a common gathering place for the community, but also the residence of one of our founding members.

Most of the members showed up either in person or online for this group photo in July 2023 inside the common house.

Group of people in front of a large fireplace with a TV on the mantle. The TV shows image of two more people.
People on a sloping lawn talking with each other in several groups in front of a pond with a wooden dock.

Many gatherings take place outside, like this eclipse watch party in April, 2024.

Located in the middle of Wendell Falls, tremendous amounts of residential and commercial development surround Acorn Creek. Already nearby there is a grocery store, numerous restaurants, two schools, a 12-bed ER “healthplex”, and much more is on the way. Our community is a sort of tree-filled oasis in the midst of it all.

Aerial view of commercial and residential properties with a large road running through the middle of it.